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Cuba, the 50s, Cars, Mobsters & Cigars - 11 nights from £625
Departure: 02 October 2014

Classic Car near Trocadero

Hotel Sevilla
Swimmng pool - aerial view

Hotel Sevilla
Coaster of Sevilla Hotel

Hotel Sevilla
Hotel restaurant
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  Package Details

Day 1, Thursday (2014-10-02)
Arrival in Havana. Welcome to the 50's. Night at hotel Sevilla.

Meals included: Dinner
Also included: airport to hotel transfer & welcoming by Cubaism rep.

Not included: flight to Cuba, Please contact for the latest prices from London.
Our recommended/compatible outbound UK flight is the Virgin Atlantic VS063 on 2014-10-02.
             8:30 am (London time) - Check in (Gatwick Airport)
             11:30 am - Flight depart from London to Havana (Jose Marti)
             4:15 am (Havana time) - Arrive in Havana

5:00 pm or as advised by you - Transfer from Havana Airport to Hotel Sevilla (15km - about 30 minutes)
5:30 pm - Arrive to Hotel Sevilla. The Cubaism welcome cocktail.
8:30 pm - Welcome dinner at the top floor Internation Restaurant where you will encounter our photography exhibition of the 50s in Cuba.

About Hotel Sevilla

The Hotel Sevilla is a masterpiece of colonial architecture, luxurious & familiar, which welcomes its visitors in the best tradition of Havana hospitality. There are many scandalous anecdotes about the illustrious guests who stayed at the hotel, among them the British film actress Marle Oberon, also Herbert Mathews, American journalist, head of the New York Times editorial staff & Josefine Baker, famous American cabaret star who had been previously refused accommodation at the Hotel Nacional because of the color of her skin. Also, Sevilla welcomed members of the Italian-American mafia like Al Capone, who occupied the entire sixth floor with a retinue which included some of his bodyguards and Santos Trafficante, American mobster who lived at the Hotel for two years

Day 2, Friday (2014-10-03)
Cigars, Old Havana & Tropicana. Night at hotel Sevilla.

Meals included: Breakfast
Also included: City tour, Tropicana Cabaret, Cubaism support rep all day.

09:00 am Havana City Tour - The Legend of Habano
  Discover the secrets of an ancient tradition in the land of the world’s best tobacco. Visit a cigar factory, smoker’s museum & cigar shop. Includes meeting the house roller.
  Our recommendation for lunch is the Cuban Restaurant Los Mercaderes. To be paid locally.
  Afternoon to explore or relax, as you like.
  Our recommendation for dinner is at the Asturian Association Restaurant in Prado street, near from Hotel Sevilla.
09:00 pm Tropicana Cabaret - The original Cuban exotic paradise, under the stars with transfer included.
  The best real Cuban folk music & dance show in the world.
  Included: 1/4 bottle of rum + 1 coke.

Day 3, Saturday (2014-10-04)
Havana Club Rum & Convertibles cars. Night at hotel Sevilla .

Meals included: Breakfast
Also included:City tour, Classic Convertible Car tour, Cubaism support rep all day.

09:00 am Havana City Tour - The Art of Rum, get to know about the origin & development of the rum production in Cuba
  Visit to the Rum Museum. Tasting the Havana Club Rum & lessons in cocktail-making. Top barman’s secrets included.
  Tour of the most famous bars of the old town: the Floridita*, Bodeguita del Medio* & Ambos Mundos* roof top. One cocktail included in the latter.
  Our recommendation for lunch is the Cuban Restaurant Doña Eutimia at Plaza de la Catedral. To be paid locally.
  Afterwards you can have a couple of hours to explore or relax, as you like. Then the following program is guided but the food and drinks are not included.
04:00 pm El Capitolio - Classic Convertible Car tour with one stop for a real Piña Colada at El Morro*, to be paid locally.
05:00 pm La Piragua - Amigos de Fangio* classic car event.
06:00 pm Nacional Hotel patio cocktails & cigar bar, to be paid locally.
09:30 pm El Litoral restaurant, to be paid locally.

*Floridita: Where Ernest Hemingway (Nobel Prize-Winning American writer) spend so many hours with his favorite drink, Daiquiri.
*Bodeguita del Medio: It is a typical restaurant-bar of Havana (Cuba). It is a famous tourist destination because of the personalities which have patronized it: Salvador Allende, the poet Pablo Neruda and the writer Ernest Hemingway. La Bodeguita lays claim to being the birthplace of the Mojito cocktail, prepared in the bar since its opening in 1942.
*Hotel Ambos Mundos: A Hotel of square form with five floors, built with an eclectic set of characteristics of 20th-century style architecture. In 1932 a room on the upper (5th) floor became the “first home” in Cuba of writer Ernest Hemingway, who enjoyed the views of Old Havana, and the harbor sea in which he fished frequently in his yacht Pilar.
*El Morro: Is a picturesque fortress guarding the entrance to Havana bay. Was built in 1589, Cuba was under the control of Spain.
*Amigos de Fangio: A nonprofit association that tries to join together all enthusiasts of the classic and vintage cars and motorcycles in Cuba.

Day 4, Sunday (2014-10-05)
Big Event "El día del Chevrolet 57". Night at hotel Sevilla.

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
Also included: Cubaism support rep all day.

09:30 am El día del Chevrolet 57, in front of hotel Sevilla.
  Join with the “A Lo Cubano” club car enthusiasts & their classic automobiles; to witness the first ever coming together of hopefully a rather substantial collection of 1957 Chevrolets; take part in the big car line up photo shoot & enjoy 50’s music from our live band.
10:00 am Cuban no.1 Celebrity photographer will announce the winner of the Cubaism Chevy 57 Photo Competition (on Facebook) & will introduce the new photo competition which start immediately & finish at 2:00 pm.
11:00 am Contests, activities with Chevy 57 + A Lo Cubano Club:
  Driving water test for Chevys 57.
  Chevys 57 & Hotel Sevilla quiz open to everybody.
01:00 pm Pizzas, burgers & sandwich lunch.
02:00 pm Continuation of A Lo Cubano. Finishes at 04.00pm.
09:30 pm On the top floor bar, we will do a presentation with the best ten pictures of the Photography contest & we will announce the winner.

Day 5, Monday (2014-10-06)
Viñales, natural & beautiful. Night at hotel Los Jazmines.

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
Also included: Viñales guided tour, transfer & Cubaism support rep all day.

09:00 am Journey by bus (184 Km - 2.5 hours) to Viñales, to arrive at one of Cuba’s greatest natural attractions, was declared a National Natural Monument for its remarkable landscapes. Visit the tobacco plantations & El Mural de la Prehistoria*.
01:00 pm Traditional Cuban Lunch at Mural Restaurant, with one drink included.
03:00 pm Visit & Tour by boat through the Indian Cave.
04:00 pm Check in at hotel Los Jazmines. Opportunity to cool off in Cuba’s most spectacularly located swimming pool.
Evening to explore the town, hotel surrounding, or relax in your room, as you like

*Mural de la Prehistoria: This mural was painted on the slope of the “mogote” known as “Dos Hermanas”, is one of the world biggest outdoor natural paintings - 120 meters high and 180 meters wide. This mural, that took 5 year to complete by 5 artists, is a singular representation of the evolution theory.

Day 6, Tuesday (2014-10-07)
Jeep Safari. Night at hotel Los Jazmines.

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
Also included: Jeep Safari & Cubaism support rep all day.

09:00 am Depart from H. Los Jazmines by jeep to “El Moncada” community, one of the first founded after the Cuban Revolution triumph. Stop there to see “Santo Tomas” cave, one of the biggest in Latin America. Continue the trip and arrive at “La Loma del Viento”, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of “Minas de Matahambre - Cayo Jutias”. Meeting with local people. Tour around the village where you will see typical buildings associated with the mining during the Second World War.
  Continue the trip to the “Pan de Azucar” valley, where you can observe typicals plants & landscapes of the region. Stop in “Los Chorreones” to cool off in the river. Lunch at “Ruinas del Cafetal el Carmelo”. The trip continue through the valley back to the hotel.
06:00 pm Return the jeeps to the hotel.
Afternoon & evening to explore or relax, as you like.

Day 7, Wednesday (2014-10-08)
Relaxing or diving on a classic, idyllic, tropical desert island. Night at hotel Cayo Levisa .

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Also included: Transfer & Ferry.

08:30 am Journey by bus from Jazmines Hotel to Palma Rubia (50 km - 1 hour) to take a ferry to Cayo Levisa, small island off the northern coast of Pinar del Rio province, where you can enjoy of a relaxing and quiet stay.
  Free day to enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling, sipping a cocktail on one of Cuba’s most beautiful white sand beaches. We highly recommend diving in Cayo Levisa, with 21 dive sites along the coral reefs. Also the Cayo Levisa Diving Centre offers several courses, so you can have the SSI certificate.
They have 3 departures every day at 8:30am, 11:30am & 2:00pm. You can book & pay it locally.

Day 8, Thursday (2014-10-09)
Soroa, the Rainbow of Cuba. Night at hotel Soroa.

Meals included: Breakfast
Also included: Transfer & Cubaism support rep all day.

09:00 am Take the ferry to go to Palma Rubia (40 min).
10:00 am Journey by bus to Soroa (75 Km - 1.5 hours), where you are free to visit the Orchid Garden and take a bath in the famous waterfall. On the highest hill of Soroa you can have an ice cold drink, in the “Castillo de las Nuves” (“The Castle in the Clouds”) bar. Also you can swim in Soroa’s Hotel pool.
Afternoon & evening to explore or relax, as you like.

Day 9, Friday (2014-10-10)
Car Exhibition. Night at All Inclusive - hotel Breezes Jibacoa .

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Also included: Transfer & Cubaism support rep all day.

09:00 am Journey by bus from Soroa to Havana (88 km - 1 hour) to join with “Autos Rusos” club to delight a car & motorbike driving exhibitions & contests.
12:30 pm Lunch.
02:00 pm Journey to Jibacoa (80 km - 1 hour).
04:00 pm Check in at hotel Breezes Jibacoa.
Evening to relax.

Day 10, Saturday (2014-10-11)
Matanzas, City ​​of Bridges. Night at hotel Velasco .

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
Also included: Transfer & Cubaism support rep all day.

Morning at the all inclusive Jibacoa Hotel, pool & beach.
12:30 pm Lunch at the hotel buffet restaurant.
02:00 pm Journey by our bus to Matanzas City* (41 km - 1 hour).
Afternoon & evening to explore the beautiful city.

*Matanzas: Matanzas is called the City of Bridges, for the seventeen bridges that cross the three rivers that traverse the city (Rio Yumuri, San Juan, and Canimar). It was also called "La Atenas de Cuba". Matanzas is also the birthplace of the Cuban national dance "The Danzon" and of the "Danzonete"; it was and still is a prominent rumba dancing place, and the home town of numerous artists, composers, and intellectuals, who are responsible for the city's traditionally intense, thriving cultural life. The main tourist places are Parque de la Libertad and Museo Farmaseutico (Both in front of Hotel Velasco).

Day 11, Sunday (2014-10-12)
Motorbike Event. Night at All Inclusive - hotel Blau Marina Varadero.

Meals included: Breakfast, Coffee Break, Lunch & Dinner
Also included: Transfer & Cubaism support rep all day.

10:00 am Vintage motorcycles event at H. Velasco. Join with Club L.A.M.A (Latin American Motorcycle Association) and their really nice old bikes for coffee & photos session. Don’t forget to have your camera battery fully charged!!
12:30 pm Journey to Varadero.
01:30 pm Check-in at the all inclusive at H. Blau Marina Varadero. Lunch at the buffet restaurant.
Afternoon & evening to relax on Varadero beach..

Day 12, Monday (2014-10-13)
Coming Back to London.

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
Also included: Transfer & Cubaism support rep all day & flight.

Morning to relax & enjoy the all inclusive service in Blau Marina Hotel, Varadero beach.
12:00 pm Lunch at Blau Marina Varadero buffet restaurant.
02:00 pm Check out. Transfer from hotel Blau Marina Varadero to Havana Airport (155 km. - 2.5 hours)
04:30 pm Arrive to Havana Airport. Check in.
07:30 pm Flight to London (Gatwick).
09:15 am Arrival in London (the next day, local time).

  Start Date:
  Thursday, 02 October 2014  
  Hotel Mercure Sevilla (Havana) Four Star hotel info
  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - 4 nights
  Hotel Horizontes Los Jazmines (Viales) Three Star hotel info
  Breakfast & Lunch - 2 nights
  Hotel Cubancan Cayo Levisa (Cayo Levisa) Three Star hotel info
  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - 1 night
  Hotel Horizontes Villa Soroa (Soroa) Two Star hotel info
  Breakfast Only - 1 night
  Hotel Memories Jibacoa (Jibacoa) Four Star hotel info
  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - 1 night
  Hotel Encanto Velasco (Matanzas) Four Star hotel info
  Breakfast & Lunch - 1 night
  Hotel Blau Marina Varadero (Varadero) Five Star hotel info
  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - 1 night
  End Date:
  Monday, 13 October 2014  
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