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Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, but far from being a bigger version of the others, it provides a completely unique Caribbean holiday experience. Take your holiday in Cuba and discover one of the last bastions of communism, where you’ll step back in time to a beautiful Caribbean island that appears stuck in the past. The Spanish colonial architecture and classic American cars lend a unique charm to this beautiful, enigmatic island. In the capital Havana, enjoy swinging salsa beats, historic theatre, cabaret and cinema. During your “cheap” Cuba holidays, be sure to visit Havana for a Cuba travel destination with nightlife unlike anything you have seen before in the bohemian atmosphere of this vibrant city. Cuba is already famous for its cigars and rum, but beyond their obvious appeal, there is a great deal more to experience on the island. In the coastal areas the beaches are the typical fine sand that you would expect from a Caribbean island, and facilities for diving and deep-sea fishing are springing up more and more often as Cuba holidays become ever more popular. More info about Cuba
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